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Who are we?

Lash Brat is a brand that cultivates community around women who love lashes and want to wear them to feel like the best version of themselves.


Lash Brat mink eyelash strips will give you a full set of beautiful mink lashes in just minutes! You can safely remove the lashes and reuse them up to 25 times!



Wear your Lash Brat strip lashes one day and easily break up with them at anytime. Giving you the power to date different lash styles everyday. Not ready to give your lashes the boot? All Lash Brat strip lashes are reusable too!


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The World’s Most Easy to Wear False Eyelashes

Thank you for visiting LastBrat.com! We are excited to offer you a variety of mink lashes, synthetic lashes, and bottom lashes to fit your every need. Whether you are looking for lashes that are bold & dramatic or natural & subtle, we have everything you need and more! Our false eyelashes are carefully designed to compliment your eyes and you will be impressed by the excellent quality. All of our false eyelashes are durable and can be worn multiple times with proper care.
Our lashes are light-weight and designed to provide extreme comfort to even the most sensitive eyes.  The supreme flexibility of the lash band makes it easy to apply your lashes in a matter of minutes.

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